The Edna's Cakeland Story

It was a beautiful afternoon in 1996 when Mr. Herminio Gonzales and Mrs. Edna Gonzales shared a home-baked bread that truly changed their lives.
Little did they know that this small achievement in their kitchen will pave the way for great success.
Edna’s Cakeland was created with the passion of baking Cakes and Pastries. Started at their ancestral home in Kapt. Pepe Subivision which is now their Main Branch in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. A few years after opening their doors to the public, Edna studied at Wilton Cake Decorating School in Chicago, Illinois to further her knowledge in creating beautiful cakes they have now. From her passion and knowledge, she then created her home made creations and have won the hearts of Cabanatueños and Novo Ecijanos. And now she has turned her small home business into 9 branches from Cabanatuan City to Pampanga sharing her Nueva Ecija’s childhood nostalgic delicacies that Kapampangans will surely relate with. Decades of flavor to satisfy the Kapampangan hearts and appetite for good cakes and pastries.

Ednas Cakeland

Mr. Herminio Gonzales and Mrs. Edna Gonzales are the parents of Ms. Anna Margarita Gonzales. As the old adage goes, “like mother, like daughter.” Anna’s mother instilled her passion in her while she was still in elementary school. From there, she aspired to be a successful businesswoman, and she runs now the most well-known pastry and coffee shop in North Luzon.

A piece of advice from the owners

When you’re able to whisk away your doubts and focus on the idea of spreading love straight from your recipes, everything else follows. A piece of bread is more than just pastry; it’s a sweet and delicate treat. A sandwich is not just a snack; it’s an encouraging meal after a long day. And a cake is not just a holiday food; it’s a symbol of a wonderful celebration.